Following twenty years of employment, R.R. Sell followed Leo A. Loosbrock as President of the bank, elected November 18, 1942.  Rob Sell was also a native of rural St. Kilian, he was born July 31, 1898, the son of Robert and Mary Tabbert Sell.  He graduated from Mankato Business College, and married Isabelle Thompson on June 21, 1923.  They were members of the First Presbyterian Church in Lismore where he served as an Elder for many years.

Rob and Isabelle had two sons, Robert and Glenn.  R.R. Sell continued in the Presidency until November 20, 1974.  His wife, Isabelle preceded him in death in 1975 and Rob passed away June 14, 1989.

Original Bank Alarm

Antique desk used in the early 1900's


Main Street Lismore circa 1950

The first major renovation of the State Bank of Lismore took place in 1971/1972, when the second story of the building was removed.  It had housed the Lismore Cooperative Telephone Company’s office for many years, and was used as living quarters for the operators and their families.  An additional 20 x 24 feet was added to the existing structure and was completed April 24, 1972.  Personnel at the time included Marvin T. Loosbrock, elected President on November 20, 1974; R.R. Sell, Vice President; Marlus Johnson, Cashier; Mark Loosbrock, Assistant Cashier; and Virginia Henning, Bookkeeper.

With the exception of a tour of duty with the U.S. Army between 1943 and 1946, Marvin served in the bank in various capacities for fifty-three years.  He and Lois Trautt were married June 25, 1945.  The couple had three boys, Gary, Steven, and Mark.

Marvin was active in many organizations in the community including a lifetime member of the American Legion Post 636 where he served as the finance officer, the Lismore Fire Department, the City Council, and the Lismore Cooperative Telephone Company where he served as secretary.  He was also vitally interested in, and active in the Church of St. Anthony, serving as Coach of the St. Anthony High School Chieftains Basketball Team for over twenty-five years, and he was a member of the Knights of Columbus.

Two of Marvin’s sons joined him in the bank, Mark in 1972 and Gary in 1975.  Marvin died March 10, 1990 after a short bout with cancer.  Mark was elected President and Gary Vice-President on November 21, 1990.

The bank currently has 8 employees including two fourth generation Loosbrock bankers.  The bank is currently staffed by:  Mark Loosbrock, President; Troy Loosbrock, Vice President; Ellen Henning, Cashier; Andrew Loosbrock, Assistant Cashier; Barry Sauer, Insurance Manager; Julie Jeffers, Operations;  Barb Reker, Operations;  and Jennifer Brake, Operations.

Having celebrated their Silver, Golden, Diamond Anniversaries and our 100 Year Jubilee in December 2000, the State Bank of Lismore continues to experience growth and to develop additional services for the customers in Lismore and the surrounding area.

These words written about the bank in an article in the Lismore Free Press dated December 1, 1925 hold even greater meaning today…."The best years of service are before them, and they are more than ever in a position to meet any needs of their customers."

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